Tile Tray with Brass Handles

Happy New Year All! I am back after the holiday break and so excited for all the home projects I have planned in 2019. So when they asked me to come out to NYC to watch The World Strongest Man, Hafthor Björnsson (aka The Mountain on Game of Thrones) lift all sort of things held together with just a couple drops of Krazy Glue, I said “Heck ya!!”.

It’s not an easy task but fortunately, we are able to handle it carefully and successfully.

The event did not disappoint, Hafthor is hilarious, and ridiculously strong, he lifted a bench holding three people (check out the photo of us after the break!) When I got back home I decided to create a couple trays to do some heavy lifting at my new house.

First up, I used the left over tile that I LOVE from the master bathroom to make a little tray for my toiletries by gluing on handles with just a couple drops of Krazy Glue. Then I attached a set of handles to a marble cheeseboard to make a little serving tray. I was so impressed I can actually pick it up because the board is super heavy!

Source: ispydiy.com

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